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ILMS is equipped with an advanced billing sub-system that allows you to manage billing related issues, including invoice and fee maintenance, as well as accounts receivable details. The centralized database stores all contractor and customer contact information, and permit and project details, making fee assessment and collection a more efficient process.

Product Features

 Invoice and fee maintenance

 Assess permit, project and inspection fees

 Automatically calculates re-inspection fees

 Record and accept payments

 Generate and print invoices

ILMS simplifies the billing processes associated with various agency community development and land use activities. Agency staff can assess and collect permit, project and inspection fees and automatically calculate re-inspection fees with a centralized database.

You can record and accept payment for a single fee or multiple fees at once using the accounts receivable function. Easily add and process renewable permit billing requests. ILMS provides a tool for your staff to efficiently generate and print invoices.

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