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Code Enforcement

Product Features

 Document and manage code enforcement cases from a central database

 Quickly generate and print violation notices

 Schedule and assign inspections

 Track and manage cases from complaint to resolution

 Review status in real time

 Assess and collect fees

Staff can easily enter code enforcement, project, permit and contact information; easily enforce building codes, fire codes and more; access customer and contractor details; view permits and inspections; and issue certificates of occupancy, schedule occupancy inspections and generate reports.

ILMS assists your agency with managing holds on permits, inspections and certificates. Quickly generate and print violation notices for distribution to violators for faster resolution and assess and collect corresponding fees.

Inspectors and investigators can wirelessly access ILMS to track and schedule inspections, issue citations, as well as print permits and reports on site. ILMS provides citizens with online access to check status inquiries and inspection status, as well as schedule additional site inspections, allowing your staff to more efficiently manage and attend to other duties.

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ILMS provides your agency with the tools to document, track and manage various code enforcement issues from a centralized database. Once code enforcement violations have been reported, ILMS allows the user to assign, manage and schedule inspections.