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Citizens can check plan review and inspection status and make inquiries, as well as schedule additional site inspections via the ILMS web portal.

Inspectors and investigators have instant access to ILMS via tablet pcs and aircards, allowing users to enter data, access customer and contractor details, print tickets on site and enter new inspection information from the field.

Product Features

 Create, track and link associated projects and permits.

 View and manage project status

 Citizen access via ILMS web portal

 Access ILMS from the field with tablet pcs and aircards

 Assign and schedule inspections

ILMS is a comprehensive solution to your planning and building related needs. Your staff can record and track activities with a single database from application through the review and approval process. You can also create, track and connect associated projects and permits.

ILMS allows you to view and monitor project status, schedule inspections, print and email review status. Your staff can review comments, action taken and approval of permits and projects. ILMS streamlines the plan review and approval process.



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